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"I hear a lot of reasons not and self-doubt magicians have about not being good enough or ready, or even where to begin a journey like this. It all starts with a vision. That's it. One vision and then we work our way from there. I believe we too often give up too easily so I've created a fool-proof course that's gonna help the student go from point A to point B the fastest possible way. Without getting overwhelmed! In this course I'll guide you through the jungle of show creation and break it down super simple. The course is divided into several different categories to help you follow along one piece at the time. I'm not saying it's gonna be easy. I am however saying it's going to be worth it. I'm here to help!" / Caroline Ravn

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Have you ever dreamt of having your own show on a stage, or in front of a camera, but you're not sure how or where to get started? In this step-by-step course, Caroline Ravn will walk you through her process of creating a show, and how to go from theatre to an online experience. 

This course is for you who knows magic or mentalism, and is ready to create your show. This is the perfect step-by-step system that will get you from just one idea to a full show. The techniques covered in the course are exactly what Caroline uses herself. 

When Caroline created her shows, both for live audiences and for the camera, was mentored and directed by Tom Stone and Charlie Caper. 


Outstanding collaboration


Caroline was professional and adapted her show to our customer and the target group on site. Good and well-thought-out content with spotless delivery. We would feel safe to book her again!

They LOVED her!

Caroline Ravn blew the roof off Magic Monday - she was funny, charming and extremely magical! Our audiences LOVED her! 

Great entertainer!

Scot Nery

Caroline is a clever performer who really listens to the audience!


Jonas Everstig

I think Caroline's show contained both skillful magic and a personal story where she herself had a strong stage personality. Great mix!

Caroline has brought her show to many places, and some are


The chapters covers everything you need to get started, and more importantly, how to get it finished. Too many times we get stuck and procrastenate. This is the time to go all in with someone who's done it many times both herself and has guided others to get results too.

  • Step-by-step guide on how to go from idea to opening night

  • A complete breakdown of Caroline's Post-It System

  • Why you have to start at the end to know the start

  • How to work with a team to bring your show to a new level



Caroline Ravn

Since childhood, Caroline Ravn has been fascinated by magic. Her grandfather was a magician and taught her simple tricks as a child. Today, she is not only one of Sweden's most booked magicians, but also one of the world's foremost female magicians. You might recognize her from her instagram @ravnmagic or as the founder of Ravn Playing Cards. Caroline Ravn has recieved several Swedish Championships and Nordic Championships awards and won an award as Most Inspiring Person of The Year. Her show, which is a wonderful mix of charm, humor and magic, has taken her around the world, from Stockholm to the Mecca of Magic; Las Vegas. She's been touring cruises with Celebrity Cruises both in Europe and in Asia. She is a 3x TEDx speaker and just resently hosted the world's first fully virtual TEDx event where she shared the virtual stage with the lead singer of Iron Maiden; Bruce Dickenson and The Iceman; Wim Hof to name a few. When Caroline Ravn isn't performing magic or emceeing, she is highly engaged in the social media world creating content and courses to help magicians, entertainers and entreprenures with the tech and creation side of show business and entreprenurship. With Ravn Playing Cards having sold over 30.000 copies in the last years, having two different online shops and close to 40.000 follwers on her Instagram alone, she's become an expert in the field where she now helps influence others to take the leap and go all in to reach their dreams. In 2018 Caroline Ravn toured Sweden with her first solo show Where The Magic Happens. It was played for full houses all across the contry and being fueled by that, the plan was to go on another tour in 2020. When the pandeimc hit, she did was she figured would be the most reasonable thing to do; she booked a 1120 seat theatre, invited 11 friends and a full tv production team to live stream the show globaly.

The Extras

Don't miss these incredible extra bonuses added to this course

  • WTMH 2.0

    Where The Magic Happens is Caroline's first show she went out on tour with. In the course you'll get to see a live streamed version of the show that was modified for both cruises and the virtual experience.


    You'll get access to Caroline's cue sheets that she hands out to everyone who works at the venue; camera crew, backstage hand and manager, light and audio cues etc.


    Caroline has made the cover of many magazines both nationally and internationally. As a bonus she'll walk you through some marketing advise and show you how to get the most out of your promo material.

So get in NOW!

You owe it to yourself and to your dreams to go all in on your vision. This course will get you from point A to point B within weeks.